Data Entry

Do any type of data entry with the Universal Data Tool

Setup the Dataset

Navigate to and click "New File"

Then select the Data Entry button from the Setup > Data Type page.

You can configure the Data Entry to create the right interface for your dataset. Use the Setup > Preview button to see your interface against either an example image or a sample from your dataset.

You can add a variety of different inputs by clicking the "Add Input" button.

Import Data

You can use virtually any method of importing for data entry datasets, here is a list of common import methods.

Label your Data (with friends!)

Export and Use

You can use either JSON or CSV to export the Data Entry type. See the full Data Entry JSON Specification for how the Data Entry JSON is formatted.

Each JSON sample looks like the following:

    "pdfUrl": "https://...", // or imageUrl, document etc.
    "annotation": { "FieldName": "..." }

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