Usage on Web

Just go to!

Using on Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux)

You can download the latest releases of the Universal Data Tool from the Github Releases page.

Our Windows Desktop application needs contributors! If you run into any issues, or better yet manage to resolve them, send us a contribution!

Using with Python or Jupyter Notebook

If you use or Tensorflow, Pytorch, brat etc. look at the respective guides in the Machine Learning section of these docs.

import universaldatatool as udt

ds = udt.Dataset(
    labels=["cat", "dog"]

ds.to_json() # Outputs .udt.json # Opens the Universal Data Tool in Jupyter Notebooks

You can do much more! Check out the Getting Started with Python for more details!

Using with React or Embedded on Webpage

Check out the guide for Getting Started with React or Integrate the Javascript Library.

I recommend trying out the web tool before integrating. For many use cases, you can avoid the integration all together just by using the online tool!

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