Import Datasets into Pandas

Pandas gives you a nice way to view, filter and convert UDT datasets.

Exporting UDT Dataset as CSV

You can export any UDT dataset into a CSV file using the download button at the top of the page.

Import CSV Into Pandas Dataframe

We can begin by importing the pandas, and our udt.csv file.

import pandas as pd

url_or_filepath_to_csv = ""
udt_csv = pd.read_csv(url_or_filepath_to_csv)

You can use the udt.json format too, tables are just a nice way to visualize the data!

If you view the udt_csv object, you should now see a breakdown of your CSV, ready to be imported!

Downloading Images

UDT Datasets just have links to images, so we'll need to download the actual images. Check out the Image classification tutorial, where we show how to easily download images using the download_images function.

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