Integrate with the Javascript Library

Use the Universal Data Tool in any javascript application using a <script /> import tage.

Quick Start: UDT in Static HTML Page


Put a script tag at the top of your page importing the Universal Data Tool "vanilla" library.

The vanilla library bundles all the Universal Data Tool dependencies together into a single file, making it easy to use anywhere!



Add a container element to your body. Then call to open the UDT in your element.

  <div id="udt"></div>
  <script type="application/javascript">{
      container: document.getElementById("udt"),

      // Your UDT dataset
      udt: {
        interface: {
          type: "image_classification",
          labels: ["A", "B"]
        samples: [
            imageUrl: ""

      // Called when sample is saved
      onSaveSample: (index, sample) => {
        console.log(index, sample);

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