Image Segmentation

Segment instances on image datasets using the Universal Data Tool

Setup the Dataset

Navigate to and click "New File"

Then select the Image Segmentation button from the Setup > Data Type page.

You can configure the Image Segmentation to create the right interface for your dataset. Use the Setup > Preview button to see your interface against either an example image or a sample from your dataset.

Configuring Regions and Labels

The Image Segmentation interface allows different types of regions, the options for regions are:

  • bounding-box

  • polygon

  • point

Each region can any number of labels, which can be configured under "Available Labels"

Import Data

You can use any of the following methods to import image data. If you're just getting started, you can quickly create a dataset using the COCO Images method!

Label your Data!

Use the Label tab to label your data. Look at the Collaborative Labeling Guide to label with others.

Export and Use

You can download your data using the download icon at the top.

You can use the Universal Data Tool Converter to convert UDT files into PNG masks, or other formats that are helpful for machine learning datasets.

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