Text Classification

Classify text using the Universal Data Tool

Setup the Dataset

Navigate to udt.dev and click "New File"

Then select the Text Classification button from the Setup > Data Type page.

You can now configure the interface you'd like for you Text Classification dataset by adding any classifications you'd like to display per sample, as well as configure if multiple classifications are allowed to be selected.

Import Data

You can use any of the following methods to import text data. If you're just getting started, you can quickly create a dataset using the COCO Images method!

Label your Data (with friends!)

Go to the Label tab to begin labeling data. See the Collaborative Labeling Guide to label with friends or a team of your labelers.

Export and Use

Text Classification can easily be exported and read as a CSV or JSON file.

For example, if you export as a CSV you'll get a table that looks like the following:





This has made me so happy. I love it.



I hate this thing. It's so bad.


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